Dozer, the bulldog

Dozer, the bulldog
About those fireworks...

Ellie Mae or may not...

Ellie Mae or may not...
In through the out gate...

Rattler relocation

Rattler relocation
Snakes are beautiful critters.

HappyDay Farms bees are happy bees.

HappyDay Farms bees are happy bees.
"Let us bee happy in our work..."


Nothing says summer like zinnias.

Pink Yarrow and carnations

Pink Yarrow and carnations
Life on the farm

HappyDay Farms grows it better.

HappyDay Farms grows it better.
Home-grown by HeadSodBuster

Where the living is easy

Where the living is easy
Garlic drying, with our newly painted water tank in the background

July magic

July magic
Artichoke-strictly for ornamental purposes

Mahlon Masling Blue

Mahlon Masling Blue
My friend and brother.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

No-Power Blues

I am reposting this from last October, as a complementary piece to this morning's "Iced Pipe Blues."

The No-Power Blues
stumblin’ to the kitchen, bout a quarter to two;
light springs to life-start me some brew.
it don’t last long; utter darkness ensues
guess what, babe, we got those no-power blues.
out to the genny, where’s the effing gas?
back of the truck, left there from las’
trip to town.  you know how that goes...
over my hands, down the gas flows,
dousing my shoes-got the no-power blues.
rita fires up, whoa that is loud.
back to the kitchen i wonder,  “How’d 
this place get such a wreck?”  bags on the floor,
alcohol rubbing, just a lil lower.
grime everywhere, now that there’s light.
better get it together at least for tonight.
coffee cups, paper towels, nothing to lose
and-wouldn’t you know-the no-power blues.
Suddenly, it’s still, the power she dies.
my brain it is screaming, now in disguise.
i’m out of control, a stumbling mass
a frustrated lump, reeking of gas.
again and again, i sing this sad song 
the genny is down, loosen the screws.
check on the carb-got the no-power blues.

rushing of course cause i’m mad as hell
my foot becomes moot, as i hear the bell.
ringing my head, my shoulder inflamed
my stupid long toe, making me lame.
i’m tired of it all, i’ve paid enough dues.
leaving me now with the no-power blues.
my shoulder is aching, i think it’s my socket.
the pain spins 'round my head like a 4th of July rocket.
i start rita’s noise there’s no way to block it
everyone knows there’s no time to lose
let’s climb on board with the no-power blues.
return to the kitchen, my headphones i seek,
check out this place, it looks a bit weak 
where is the broom, i don’t dare refuse
otherwise i’m stuck with the no-power blues.
again and again, i guess it’s my plight
the house goes all dark, nothing goes right
why does this happen in the dim of the night?
the cat is a wailing, and the dog’s barking too 
in case you’ve not heard the most recent news,
once again, babe, we got those no-power blues.


  1. This is a as entertaining in reruns as it was the first time around. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  2. Kind of cute, in a deja vu, sort of motif.