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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Apple Blossom Came to Me

An Apple Blossom Came to Me
An Apple Blossom came to me, in the strangest of all places,
Drifting in through open doors, mingling with the faces.
Gazing ‘cross the counter top, singling out my eyes.
facial features rearranging, regist’ring surprise.
A quaint expression flitted past, never seen before,
A quizzical look, a curious look, then eyes drop to the floor.
Who is this gal, with all that hair, an angel’s face so fair,
Standing there, across from me?  “Careful now, don’t stare.”
She was the sister of a dude, who drove our little truck, 
The fact that she was standing here, was simply due to luck.
He had a ride, a hot Camaro, but it was broken down, 
So now he was without a car, a king without a crown.
The place I worked was filled with men, we rarely saw a gal,
So when my Blossom did appear, I wanted to say, “Wow.”
I saw that glance, her lips did twitch, it seemed that she did smile.
A curious look, a quizzical peek, please don’t touch that dial.
That light I saw, upon her face, I see it now so clearly,
I’ve kept that glance inside my mind, and remember it so dearly.
You see, it was a one-time glimpse, a look that said, “Come hither,”
Even though we’d never met, my heart was in a dither.
Not confused, don’t get me wrong, I knew I liked this girl,
That had to be, or else, you see, how to explain this whirl?
Of thoughts and words, that swirled round, and left me all aflutter,
My mind grew sharp, my thoughts got clear, my words as smooth as butter.

I saw her there, I said, “Think fast,” and flashed her a quick smile,
If only I could talk to her, I’d go that extra mile.
“Joey’s out, he’s due back soon, come back and sit a spell.
It won’t be long, it’s after five, this could work out quite well.”
The time had come, she was so close, I had to use my mind,
This was the girl of my dreams, what a stunning find.
If only I could find a way, to show her I was able,
I’d take my cards and lay them out, right across the table.
I caught a whiff of her perfume, it made my spirits soar,
If I could just convince this girl, to let me see her more,
I’d do about just anything, to get to take her out,
And then I’d speak my mind to her, and leave her in no doubt.
That I was true and sound of heart, and crazily in love,
And looking for a mate for life, just like a turtle dove.
"So come with me, and share my path, and see how life is awesome, 
if you’ll just come and stroll with me, my little Apple Blossom.


  1. Wait -- are you sure the first photo is Casey? The second one is for sure Casey (it must have been taken right around the time of our wedding as that is how I remember him from that event). Casey was just such a little guy - that second photo looks more like Son # 3 - not that I am questioning your knowledge of your own twirps - just saying...

    and have you always referred to Annie as your Apple Blossom? How sweet!
    And even in rhyme you have a way with words - "please don't touch that dial" or "facial features rearranging, regis'ring surprise"
    Did you show this to Annie?
    Her reaction?

  2. I wrote and posted a long comment, but it never appeared. That's odd.

    I will check with-who else-and get back to you on the pictures. I have always referred to Annie as my sweetest of apple blossoms.

    Thanks for kind praise; haven't shown it yet. She will like the poem-hate that I posted it.

    The really ironic thing? I totally spaced out Valentines Day, not remembering it until I went to TangledLou's site. So cosmically, I not only wrote it on Valentines Day, but posted it also. Think of all the unearned good will I am accumulating. I wonder what I could do, if I actually planned something.

  3. I love heartfelt words arranged in rhyme! Beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Michelle. I did feel the words in my heart.

  5. Lovely! I was just thinking the other day (or did I also comment it?) that I'd love to know more about Annie.

  6. JT, got the pictures squared away and labeled them. Annie liked the poem, and didn't even mind that I posted it.

    And Sarah, you did comment to that effect, but Annie is fiercely shy, and keeps a tight leash on what I am allowed to say. I might object, but I do know my own self, and she probably is right.

  7. Like is the sweetest post EVER! Annie is a lucky girl!

  8. Your poem told the story of the beginnings of your romance with Annie so beautifully.

  9. Very nice......a truly lovely tale......

  10. Thank you all very much; you are too kind.

  11. So sweet & full of specific details that really bring that meeting to life. Thanks for sharing it with us--hope the sharing didn't get you in to much trouble with your Apple Blossom.