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Dozer, the bulldog
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Ellie Mae or may not...
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Rattler relocation
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HappyDay Farms bees are happy bees.
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Pink Yarrow and carnations
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HappyDay Farms grows it better.
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Where the living is easy
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Outlook Isn't Stellar for the San Francisco Giants- Poetry

                                       The Outlook Isn't Stellar for the San Francisco Giants

The outlook isn’t stellar for the San Francisco Giants. I’m no freakin’ genius and this isn’t rocket science.
We have a dozen games to play, with three against LA; We’re going to need to win them all to make it all the way.

The division crown is what we need, the wild card won’t do, ‘Cause when you hit the playoffs, ONE game is four too few. 
The Dodgers have it going right now, they’re at that magic spot; The Orange and Black must strike-not out-but while the anvil’s hot.

Posey has amped up his pace-we’ve seen his act before. He’s led us to a pair of crowns; the pedal’s to the floor.
Pence is still the preacher man and Sandoval don’t stammer; The former is inspiring, the latter wields the hammer.

Now the first of two big series has gone the Dodgers’ way; It wasn’t what we had in mind, there’s nothing much to say.
But come next week we’ll meet again, down in the smoggy city, And if we can’t get ‘em back, all the more’s the pity.

Jake’s lined up to pitch this time-he is a Dodger killer; His win/loss mark against the Bums makes him a Giant pillar.
MadBum goes on Tuesday night-he is the starting ace-And Hudson throws the final game, trying to save face.

Tim got rocked so hard last time-he lasted just one plus-That now he has a real bad need to prove himself to us.
He’s never had a losing year; you know that says a lot. So don’t expect that Tim is done; he’ll show us what he’s got.

The season series, tied at eight, is just one element, Though winning two instead of three is only just a dent.
San Francisco needs all three; of that there is no doubt. With timely pitching close at hand, we need offensive clout.

Zack was hot and shut us out; maybe try some bunting. With speed at hand and practice too it could make for good hunting.
Get the rabbits on the paths and bring the big bats on; Home runs are not necessary but Man, they sure are fun.

Clayton Kershaw is the best, we say with certain candor. It’s funny that I’ve heard that tune back with Justin Verlander.
We listened to the things they said, “The best on all the planet,” But when the Panda finished up, the Tigers just said, “Damnit.”

A walk, a bunt, a hit batsman, and we’ll have things a going, Especially with the new kids here and backups really rolling.
Small ball works just fine for us, and Blanco likes the extra, So when we load the bases now, get ready and I’ll text ya.

Experience the Giants have; they know the script by heart. Seventeen of them were there and buddy that’s a start.
The playoffs are the time they thrive; the team plateaus together
And overcomes adversity so we can add a feather.

So put aside your negatives and just remember this: The Giants have stood back before and stared at the abyss.
But when the fog had lifted and we saw what had occurred, We found ourselves in cruise control, ahead of all the herd.

To win it all is no small feat; it takes all twenty-five; The schedule is so grueling that they’re barely left alive.
But if it were so easy that just any team could do it, We’d all let out a boring yawn and say, “There’s nothing to it.” 

Battling adversity, along the path is healthy, Especially if it also means the uniforms get filthy.
Complacency in MLB is not the way to go; Hunger drives the Giants-they’re ready for the show.

Some teams have got the grit it takes to overcome bad luck, Instead of simply giving up and saying, “What the heck?”
The Giants are the kind of team that knows just what to do, When October is upon us and the lot are just a few.

The pitching rises to the cause-the bats follow right along. Before you know what’s happening, we’re singing Journey songs.
Parading down the City streets, drinking at O’Leary’s-Once again the Orange and Black has won the World Series.


  1. Hey there, Mark. Just checking out some more of your great works... and words. Love this! Brilliant. Very clever. You know, I grew up a big fan of poet Robert Service (The Cremation of Sam McGee). For some reason, the tone, tempo, and voice of your poem reminds me of his fine work. I'd dare say, especially this line:

    But if it were so easy that just any team could do it, We’d all let out a boring yawn and say, “There’s nothing to it.”

    Nice trickery on the "What the heck?" Yes, of course, I caught that.

    You know, it's interesting... You wrote this right before our last series vs. LAD. I had felt that the Saturday game against Greinke was the most important game of the season. I figured we had a good shot a beating Ryu (Friday). But the tide would turn with whomever won on Saturday. I mean to say, yes, we could've faced down Kershaw on Sunday.

    Ooops. Of course we got curb-stomped 17-0, then proceeded to lose against Clayton at home. But hey, fair turn of events for us going to The Latrine in 2013 and scoring a record 19 runs by ANY opponent at their home grounds exactly one year prior? Uh, okay.

    Looking back, I was really nervous about how the rest of the season would play out. Almost resigned to think it wasn't meant to be, you know? But hey, all is swell that ends swell, right?

    And, by golly, did it end well. Cheers.

    1. I mentioned that one-year turnaround in my recap that same day. You are the one and only individual who ever gave me one word of d=feed-back on this literary "work." ATF may not be the correct spot, but I had to do it. I can write this stuff as easily as I write prose. It's just that no one cares.

      Thank you so much for the critique!