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HappyDay Farms bees are happy bees.
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Beauty abounds!
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If you've seen one butterfly,  you've seen 'em all, said no one ever.
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My souvenir from Reggae on the River, 2017
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Friday, December 23, 2011

ABC's of Christmas

ABC’s of Christmas
* allspice, applesauce, anything apple, A Christmas Story
* bells, butter, Bing Crosby, bon-bons
* coffee cake, celery, Christmas Carol (I watched nine different versions last Christmas, and would be happy to itemize.) Charlie Brown Christmas, caroling, 
* deviled eggs, dark meat, door decorating
* eggnog, E’clairs, Ella Fitzgerald, elephants (they're everywhere…)
* figs, forks, feeding frenzy, "Four Christmases," family
* ground pepper, gravy, garlic, gifts, Grandma, 
* hot apple cider, half & half, Harry Simone, Home Alone, Herald angels, harking
* icing on the coffee cake, iced coffee, It’s a wonderful Life,  icicles, Irish coffee (without actually putting the, uh, well, you know, the coffee part of the Irish coffee in the glass, er, uh, sorry, mug.)
* jello, “Joy to the World,"  
* King crab, kitchen, kaleidoscopes, Kodak moments, and  kindness, random acts of 
* lemon cookies, limes, love, lists (sorry, JT)
* mincemeat pie, marshmallows, "Misa Creole" (Argentinan Christmas music), Miracle on 34th Street
mixed nuts, Nutcracker Ballet, Nat King Cole
* orange juice, onions, "O Tanenbaum"
* peppermint, peach pies, persimmon cake, mashed potatoes, Perry Como
*quince pie (if not in our house, others)
* rhubarb pie, raisins, 
* sausage, stuffing, sugar, sugar and just for good measure, some more sugar
* turkey, tinsel, truffles, toys, turbulence (see under f-family)
* uplifting, unflappable Mama, uncouth belches, unity of purpose
* creamed veggies, victorious diners
*  wassailing (Wassail is Old English, dating back prior to 1066.  It means be thou hale or be you healthy; an old tradition of ours, no?) 
* xylophone-I got one for Christmas one year.
* yams, Yorkshire Pudding
* zippers, bursting

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  1. Damn! I shouldn't have read it b/c now I want to try this too and I will be influenced. But I figured that out pretty fast so my reading was very fast - I will post my ABC's of Christmas later today. And, did you know, that when I was a K-I-2 teacher had the most fantastic collection of ABC book? They are so much fun to read and to create.