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Dozer, the bulldog
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Ellie Mae or may not...
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Rattler relocation

Rattler relocation
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HappyDay Farms bees are happy bees.
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Pink Yarrow and carnations
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HappyDay Farms grows it better.
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Where the living is easy
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July magic
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Mahlon Masling Blue
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Underdogs, Now

More than ever...
Underdogs, Now

‘Merica sure does love a brawl.

Cubs over Indians; Cavs over Dubs; STAND for the National Anthem, dang it! Water Protectors vs The Establishment; and finally, Trump over Clinton.

May I speak candidly here?

[Editor’s note: Nooooooooooooooooooo!]

I live on a mountain, five miles up a dirt road, without conventional electricity, and frankly, I’m kind of used to calling the shots. Retired for more than ten years, now, I can go weeks without leaving the farm, or even seeing anyone other than farm folks. 

Between my pension and what I make working as a farmer, I subsist well below the poverty level, but I am good with that. We eat mighty fine here on the farm. Were it not for medical costs (Our school district insurance “ran out” five years after I retired, something that still baffles me), we would have few concerns, financially.

That being said, the results of the election still impacted me greatly, for a minute or two, simply because I felt sure that love would trump hate. In a way, I was right, because the popular vote still favored love, but ‘Merica is a stickler for protocol, when it suits her purpose, as it did in 2000’s election, so whatever.

[Editor’s note: wtf? “…so, whatever?”]

When I surfaced after three hours of sleep and two more of waiting for midnight to roll around, Wednesday morning, I had no idea. Thirty seconds later, like the infamous “Thirty seconds over Tokyo,” I got hammered with the realization that love, for the moment, was seemingly not the greatest power.

Hate had prevailed.
Love is all around us.
Racism, bigotry, misogyny, intolerance, and yes, hatred, were all the order of the day. Wave after wave of crushing disappointment swirled over me, just as it had when I woke up to find that the Giants had given up three runs in the bottom of the ninth, in Chicago last month.

It took me all of…thirty seconds to shake THAT off. We got bit by the rattlesnake with no rattles, right in our Achilles heel, the lack of a closer to nail games down. The Giants were doomed to fail from the start.

Write about the election Wednesday morning? 

I. Don’t. Think. So. How about a piece of frippery on the past two days’ plumbing project? Great success.

I just could not do it. I could master my own feelings, but I was not-for once-ready to express myself on paper. I scrolled to see what others were saying and found to my delight, that there was an avalanche of feelings and emotions out there, and that love had not been defeated after all.

Love was all around if I took a moment to seek it out. So many of my friends came to my assistance yesterday morning, that I was quite overwhelmed. So much so, that I started jotting down a few of them, selecting small segments from larger pieces of writing, in several instances.

I want to share these with you, even if you have already seen them. I attached first names only, and do not plan on tagging anyone, but know that you inspired me greatly. You brought me up out of my temporary lapse in my faith in love, as the greatest power. There were many more but I had to stop somewhere.

Here goes:

“All my hippy liberal peace loving friends-I better not see you slip now. Now is the time for the revolution. You don’t pencil one in when it’s convenient. Now is the time to put your kindness, your love, and your intent into action.” Keoma 

“I want to bury my head in the sand. I want to leave. I want to distance myself from this “great” country as much as possible. But I won’t. As a privileged, educated, straight, white woman, I owe it to those who are far more affected by this to stick around and fight for them. We all do.” Sarah 

“Bigger than one man is all of us. We all have the Choice every day to be a part of a revolution that uses kindness, integrity, and selflessness to change the world. The more of us that participate, the closer we come to our dreams.” Gabe 

"Students: Be not afraid, be prepared. Be not timid, be informed. Be not defeated, be inspired to work harder, to read more, to engage in conversation and dialogue, and to work with your allies, toward a better future, your family, and your country. Education is now more important than it has ever been as it represents your opportunity to seize powered self-determination.” Guthrie

“We have work to do. No hanging our heads. We are fu**ing warriors. We will keep each other safe and we will make this world better. I’m glad to know you every day. I’m especially glad today.” Hekekiah

“I’m sick to my stomach, but I need to say that love always trumps hate. I am here for hugs, and love, and an ear to listen to if anyone needs it. We need to stick together and continue to fight for what we believe in. As much as I want to be angry, I feel like that means they win, and I refuse to take part in that.” Erik

“We’re going to make the world a better place. Forward. Not backwards. Progress. We improve upon ourselves. We don’t look back at history and try to replay it. We make our own history. Forward. Not backwards. Hope, not fear…” Russ

“Take a deep breath. Nothing is so important that you should let it come between you and love (God).” Marko

“Dear Jack,
“…Don’t panic. The world won’t end. The country won’t fall apart. We’re just underdogs now, caring about women, minorities, decency, and truth. You’re going to have a job now. Be extra moral. Rebel against meanness. Be kind. Heal things. Inspire people with optimism. Most of all, LOVE! 
Dad”                (Meme on Olisa and Ariel’s walls)
Dreama's video was stellar.

“It’s a new day, and now we have to fight…We have to get the Senate back; we have to get the House back…We just have to love…we have to really think on a level of peace, and a level of love, we have to take a global [look], and we have to stand together because we need an inspiring candidate in four years…Right now we are a country divided; we’re at a low point, but out of the ashes, can rise the Phoenix, and we need to rise to this occasion. We need to organize…Let’s join together; let’s share love; let’s share peace.” Dreama

I figured this was a good selection of quotes. I can’t improve on anything that was said here, but I’m going to zero in on one sentiment that quite possibly matches mine the closest, and Erik is the one who said it:

“As much as I want to be angry, I feel like that means they win, and I refuse to take part in that.” 

Much love to one and all-We’re all we’ve got: ebony, ivory, Muslim, wheel-chair-bound, bacon-loving, liver-hating, gay, lesbian, red-neck, hippie, green, farmer, stockbroker, household engineer, truck driver, skateboarder, teacher, et al…

Love is the greatest power.


  1. The perfect post, Mark. I noticed yesterday that everyone I encountered in town seemed to be treating others with the utmost gentleness, as if we had all been shattered and kindness was the only response. I was moved by the many posts I saw on FB and the number of articles and video clips that were shared that spoke to all the issues you cited in the quotes above. A wise person recently told me to always look for the good in your life experiences. You will find it if you look for it. I think the is almost always true but I needed to be reminded.
    Whereas on Tuesday night I was dumbfounded by Wednesday night I could see the good that might come out of here. I will also be pragmatic and say that, in the moment of shock, we can say these good things but it takes determination and persistence to make the good happen.
    I'm willing to give it a go. I won't move to Canada but maybe to Bell Springs?

    1. Word. I had yet to put that spin on it, but I have found that, out of chaos-comes order. Look at the thugs in choppers leading me a stronger sense of community; at a psycho woman who killed our little school but led me into a teaching career. So many. xoxox

    2. I KNOW! Isn't that amazing? Sometimes these things happen that you think are so horrific but then it goes another way altogether. The one that hasn't been revealed yet is the goodness around Lucas's dad 's sudden death last December. I can't find the good in that one.