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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Freedom Run Amok

Buffoonery Abounds!
Freedom Run Amok

As elementary as it may seem, the very concept which established this nation as great, is the same one that is bringing it down-WILL bring it down. Freedom can be a treacherous thing when it runs amok, and that is what has happened here in the Land of the Free.

As a kid, I devoured Charles Dickens and was particularly fascinated by the French Revolution. The theme I could not get out of my head was how brutal the common people were, when it came to dealing with the Aristocracy. How could they be so heartless?

What escaped me at that young age, was how brutal the common people had it, living in abject poverty, while a few lived in extravagant luxury, refusing to acknowledge that there was even a problem in the first place.

Or more likely, if there was a problem, it sure as heck was not the problem of the Aristocracy. I see that happening today, in this country, more than ever, and it’s getting worse.

The same rights which guarantee a person’s ability to achieve wealth, also guarantee that there has to be balance, in that there will be people who have nothing. 

Excuse me while I astro-plane for a sec.

Why can’t the legislative body running the country, simply determine how much revenue will be needed to insure that everyone has food, shelter and medical care, and then raise the level of taxation to the point where these issues are addressed?

Those who are wealthy must be prepared to pony up for the right to have more than others. It’s not a personal thing-it’s simply the price of success. If you have millions, it will not hurt you to share with the other guy.

If you are destitute, for whatever reason, then you still deserve to eat, have a place to sleep and a doctor you can consult for any issues, be they physical or mental. It’s enough that you have no resources; you should not have to stress out about poor health also, simply because you cannot afford to be sick.

When a candidate as repulsive as Donald Trump has unbelievable support, from the same people who should be running in terror, I have to figure there is something horribly amiss.

Like freedom running amok.
George Carlin

George Carlin posed the rhetorical question, “Can God create a rock so heavy, that He, Himself, can’t lift it?”

I might pose a question with similar implications, Can a nation create an economic and social system, so carefully crafted, that in conjunction with a bevy of lawyers, it can result in a self-serving, self-promoting legislative body that looks only after Number One?

In this case, Number One is anyone with big buck$. The secret to success, is to instill in the common man’s head, that he/she can also succeed in this great nation, because, well, this IS the Land of the Free. If you have watched Donald Trump in action, and I’m sure you have, you know that being a buffoon need not preclude you being a Player.

Therefore, if The Donald can be a Player, being a person of ridicule, than I can too, because I am not an idiot, like Donald Trump. But in order to be able to strike it rich, I need to have Trump’s rules in place, so that when I hit the big time, I will be able to capitalize.

It all makes sense, I guess, if you ascribe to being rich. I do not. Therefore, I have a harder time understanding why people want it so much, and moreover, what makes them think they are ever going to be able to do something about actually accumulating said riches.

It does tend to blow my little pea brain right out of the water.

However, you can’t argue with success. There are millions of Americans willing to throw dignity, integrity and honesty right out the old window, by electing a bozo.

I mean, W was a bozo too, but at least he tried to be a real politician. He understood that those zany, cocaine-filled college days, were really not OK, and he had to keep it together or Dad would get mad. He used big words, contrary to The Donald, even though the words made absolutely no sense. At least W thought they did.

The Donald knows his words have no worth. He does not use big words; he does not want folks to get dazed or fogged. His lies are the same words, used more than once-ten times if need be. If you say the same words more than once, folks know that they will come true. He has done it so much, it no more seems new or odd.

He is a pro, he is rich and he is you or I. Or so say those who would vote for this cad.

I do not see a way out. How do you convince the ruling entity to relinquish control? There is no way one can be elected to national office, without millions of dollars to pay your way. The closest we will ever come, is Bernie, and look how easily he was swatted aside, by a far more savvy politician than he.
We felt the Bern.

Oh well.

Money talks and good intentions are run right out the door, much to the pity of the fifty million Americans at or below the poverty level. I might add, that there are also millions of Americans slightly above the poverty level, who get by on bare basics.

All so that the Waltons, who own WalMart, can enjoy their $150 billion annual income.

Isn’t this a great nation? 


  1. Once again, I could not agree with you more. I don't get why people have to hoard so much money (and it is, indeed, hoarding). What's the big deal with sharing when you have plenty to meet your own needs? And that we now have such a disparity between rich and poor? Beware!

    1. Greed: A game only the wealthy can play.